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letter from his brother Sigmund Theodor, written to "sister Emily" -
Box 5141
James S. Styne Esq
Care of Messrs Arbouch Brothers
109 Hector Street
Box 5141
New York
N. America

My dear sister Emily!
The doctors and learned men of all ages have agreed in placing the seat of the human mind in the brain, but the theologians have created the seat of the soul in the heart. The human heart has two chambers, the brain four cavities. In these chambers, in the hearts of all good people are seated two splendid little angels, but in the four cavities dwell four jolly lively devilkins. Now when I begin to write to you, the angels in my heart and the devilkins in my head all create a fearful din for each is bound to dictate a line or two in this letter. As I write the devilkins are earnestly endeavouring to get the advantage in the directions of this letter, but they shall not
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be successful as the angels are also present and each shall now have the pleasure of entertaining himself with you. Angel No. 1 bids me give you most sincere thanks, for your making so happy my dear brother Lee, and to beg you for a speedy answer with your dear picture enclosed

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Angel No 2, who is seated in the right chamber of the heart, where the blood is ??root?? into the veins, is always thinking of the great family happiness, you enjoy. He dictate me the best wishes, salutations and kisses for your amiable baby. -
Now the Devilkins are clamouring for permissions to speak, yet I shall keep them under lock and key for today as they are the interpreters of sense and talents . Only my heart, my fielings [sic] and brotherly sentiments shall once more send to you their true and faithful salutations.
From your brother
Dr. Sigmund Stein
And I did make as to much use of your patience.