STEIN families Reunion




We wanted to have a single location where news is concentrated, please let me have your contributions !

Summer 2008 brought us:


1. We discovered the descendents of Isaac STEIN in Hawaii - it is as if Isaac has been founf for the second time [ the firstwas in the 1850's ]


2. Contact to Mary Lou MICHAEL who possessed an ornamental family tree.

From this we have for the first time the families AISCHMANN, BRANDIS, BUCHMANN, KOHN, SPERPERG [ later SPORBORG]


3. We were contacted by Starr HERSCOVITCH who with a small group of researchers is assembling the SPORBORG lineage. They are in the process of being added to our family tree.


4. 2009 brought about a great deal of knowledge about the children of Udila - notably those of her daughter Sopie ROTHSCHILD


We call for a Reunion of these families, hopefully to be held at a location significant to the origins of our families.

2010 will be the 200th aniversary of his birth - is that not a good date for a family reunion?


Please help us with this - and please make contact         david [at] lewinsdlondon [dot] org [dot] uk