STEIN Families from Lower and Upper Franconia


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The first Reunion of the
STEIN families took place on
  SUNDAY   13 June 2010 to THURSDAY 17 June 2010

200th Anniversary of the birth of Leopold STEIN

We are looking for YOUR input with both further information and Material such as photographs, family memorabilia etc.

The portrait of Rabbi Abraham Loeb SULZDORFER-STEIN in his 90th year.
He is the earliest member of our families whom we have been able to identify and record.
It is from him that all those on the Stein family tree descend.
[You need a password to open the full family - you can get it from david [at] lewinsdlondon [dot] org [dot] uk ]

We have located some ornamental family trees
for detailed comparison click here



This photo is from a detail in a family tree in possession of Shula Levital. Sadly I do not have a clear enough image which allows us to read the labels on that tree
In the picture above, Isaac is conspicuous by his absence - he must have already been in America when it was taken.

A second, similar but distinctly different tree is in the possession of
On this tree we are able to read the names of the family members - and
indeed a number of individuals new to us are revealed.
The problem which arises, however is that there are virtually no dates here, and there is no obvious
connection between the individuals so that unless you know who is who, you remain none the wiser.
The details are shown and discussed on a separate sheet.

We have discovered a third tree, which was in the possession of BETTINA STEIN-MACHOL.
It is remarkably similar to the first two - but with some important differences

Click here for details of the tree
and the differences detected

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